Social Networks

Google+: This is where I am most active and where I post all of my images first. In case you are only interested in my photography, I have a dedicated collection for you.

Facebook: In case you want to follow me there because of my photography you will be disappointed. Generally I don't upload my pictures there because of the bad license terms I have to grant to Facebook, when uploading images.

Instagram: Randomly I am posting a subset of pictures there. However I am not a big fan of Instagram. Due to it's stupid mobile-only upload limitation I am uploading all images to Google+ and then share some of the images to Instagram through the Google+ app from time to time.

1x: Where I get great critiques from a great community.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a simple way to stay up to date and get notified every time I post something new here. You will need an RSS feed reader like feedly, where you can add the links below.


Get notified whenever never I put a new picture online.


Interested in my essays? There is an RSS feed just for that.