Social Networks

Flickr: With the announcement of the death of Google+ I am on search for a new home for my photography stuff that does not necessarily make it on this blog. So far Flickr looks pretty good. So feel free to follow me there.

Facebook: In case you want to follow me there because of my photography you will be disappointed. Generally I don't upload my pictures there because of the bad licensing terms I have to grant to Facebook, when uploading images and the extremely bad resulting image quality. I might likely reject your friendship request, as I typically only accept requests from people I know personally.

Vero: If you look for a more mobile experience, you can find me on Vero after I have abandoned Instagram as I prefer control myself what I want to see instead of an algorithm that dictates what to see.

1x: Where I get great critiques from a great community.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a simple way to stay up to date and get notified every time I post something new here. You will need an RSS feed reader like feedly, where you can add the links below.


Get notified whenever never I put a new picture online.


Interested in my essays? There is an RSS feed just for that.